Our privacy policy:

we take privacy seriously

Data for School Improvement is a reputable company that specialises in School Data Training and Interpretation

From time to time we seek out Schools and Local Authorities that may be interested in our services and approach them through email. These email campaigns are always targeted, purposeful and never random

We adhere closely to the appropriate conditions of the Data Protection Act and only address email marketing campaigns to schools and/or organisations that are listed as such in directories and/or can be found through Google searches

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) regulations and Good Practice Guidelines stipulate that we should state clearly who we are and give a clear and easy facility to unsubscribe. We stick rigidly to both the regulations and the good practice guidelines

Any marketing mailing to be sent is specifically compared against a master unsubscribe list to ensure that none of our mailings ever reach an email address that has been unsubscribed

Unsubscribing from our mailing lists is made very easy either by clicking on the embedded link in our email or by replying to our email with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line

We only ever send marketing mails to:

a) Our own database of existing customers
b) Schools or LAs who have specifically requested to be included on our mailing or newsletter lists
c) Schools & LAs whose contact details can be found on the internet

We attempt to keep recipient lists up to date at all times, however it is inevitable that individual School or LA personnel may change and unless we are informed of this we cannot always update our information in a timely fashion

We do not buy, sell or exchange mailing lists with any third party and we will never do so

We are an ethical company who are always pleased to take on comments and feedback and improve our processes, standards and customer service wherever possible. Please do not hesitate to email us if you are unhappy with our email marketing and/or would like to raise an issue with us. You can be assured that your email will receive personal attention and you will receive a personal reply

If you would prefer to speak to an individual to address any concerns and/or wish to have your details updated or email address removed from our mailing list please do not hesitate to contact us